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We at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) create functional sites within the Brand’s aesthetic parameters.

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Customized User Interface

At 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM), our approach to User Interface (UI) for website development is derived from the experience and historical research data of audience groups. This is critical to understand customer interaction between the several components of web pages on different devices – with more emphasis on mobile where more than 70% of all internet browsing happens nowadays.

Hence, we make webpages they seem intuitive to the user and almost pre-cognitive to the way they navigate through the content.

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Website Development Features

of the website we develop for our customers

  • Dynamic web pages
  • Mobile optimized elements
  • Optimized Content for Search Engines (Text, animations and visuals)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Logical page layouts
  • Structured data management
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer feedback system
  • Secured credentials for back-end management
  • SEO optimized & SEM ready

Testimonials on Website Development by 7 Peaks Digital Marketing

“Our website was 10 years old and we had updated it 3 years before. 7 Point Digital Marketing suggested us to do a revamp and focus on creating a sales channel online. We were skeptical but thankfully we agreed. Now our website drives 23% of all our sales with lower overheads and promotional costs. We highly recommend 7 Point Digital Marketing managing business websites.”

– Joyce Maiden, Innoveda.

Why a website?

in the age of apps.

Websites. Are they even relevant when all brands are fighting for a pie in the App market?

On an app, Brands customize how viewers navigate information, collect more marketable data from users and do not have to play the game by Search Engine rules (aka Google mainly).

The answer lies in another answer to a different question. Does the brand have a large budget to promote the app across all the forms of media? And that just gets the app installed on mobile devices, cost of promoting products and services are extra on combined platforms. Not to mention, one cannot control un-installation of the app from users’ phones.

So yes, websites are still a functioning medium of interaction in a competitive environment. They offer an incentive for accelerated relevant traffic on search engine with the correct mix of SEO and promotional strategies. It is the cheapest way to augment a brand’s own address in the digital media and can be accessed on any device with a browser.

7 Peaks Digital Maketing (7PDM) and website Development

At 7Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) our website development services include complete websites developed on WordPress platform, designing and hosting of landing pages on existing and external servers, Responsive webpages to adapt to any device, ecommerce development environments based on woo commerce and Shopify and more.

We at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) believe, that your website is your exclusive online property. So a cohesive approach to developing it in congruence with Social media, best practices and new age innovations is crucial for it to perform. Existing small, big or large business or startups need this exclusive identity for them to build and maintain their reputation and carve a pathway to build incremental business.

Our website development is based on the fundamentals of our belief system. The way we look at your website is given below.

  • The front fascia of your organization on the web
  • An instrument to educate and give information about your business and its product and services
  • A convergence point for generating leads for sales
  • A platform to buy products or avail services offered by your business to potential customers
  • A point of interaction between your business and its customers
  • A tool to penetrate among newer and filtered demographics
  • A carrier of feedback system to optimize your business
  • A tool to capture attention and make visitors navigate within your controlled environment
  • Lastly it also is a platform to establish superiority both from a competitive perspective and also from a socio-cultural perspective

The most specific focus points we look at while we approach website development

  • Design – in line with the brand’s ethos
  • Impactful and attractive User Interface (UI)
  • Fluid like navigation based on historic evidence, categorized and segmented for specific businesses to give optimum results in User Experience (UX)
  • Mobile and other device friendly (Between 65% to 90% *of traffic nowadays is from mobile devices)
  • Reduced Bounce rates – the idea is to get the visitor to indulge and look around and not just bounce off the first page the landed upon
  • Engaging flow of information
  • SEO friendly design and content
  • Lightweight and superfast loading (a ranking factor on search engines like Google and Bing)
  • No broken links or dead URLs with proper redirects to intentionally expired ones.

And many more….

* Approximate range – varies from category to category as well as in different geographies

Businesses with products and services in the B2C model of business can easily develop and service end consumers through various platforms available. Woo Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Prestashop, and many more can be used to develop custom eCommerce gateways and start selling online.

Moreover custom payment gateways like Stripe, Razor pay, Instamojo, PayU, PayTm and a host of others helps in seamless secure payment modes to make revenue reach your bank account with a click.

We at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing lay special emphasis on SEO for the store to grow organically in addition to the advertising push from multiple channels.  The core fundamentals of website development are more carefully monitored for eCommerce websites.

We offer Strategic Web consultancy services to existing businesses engaged in eCommerce or new ones and startups venturing into to the pool.

  • For existing businesses we understand the current scope of business, the market construct, the customers and the positioning of the brand to chalk out a progress map for the business and build or adjust the eCommerce platform to be in tune with them.
  • For startups we work we work with founders on understanding the core idea behind the business and develop a strategic roadmap congruent with the vision and practical market scenario.

Our services extend beyond constructing, improving and handing over the platforms to business managers. We continuously engage with the brands to help them evolve and be optimized in the ever changing technological scenario.

Technology Updates: Websites and apps work in an ever evolving environment and these platforms need to be updated periodically to compete effectively and efficiently for the customers.

Content updates: Content updates are required to continuously engage with existing and new customers to sustain and grow customer base. This involves blog stories, infographics, video content and many more forms of content.

Navigation and construct updates: Although not very frequent, websites are required to be updated after understanding the navigation routes of visitors and optimize it to better serve information and ultimately propagate incremental business.

Product and Services updates: Products and Services on websites change with the strategies adopted by businesses over short and long period of time. These need to be updated whenever the need arises.

News and Press stories: The website is also a medium to disseminate news stories from the business’s own controlled environment. Regular updates on these help with SEO as well.

Promotion updates: New promotions like contests, giveaways and other activities can be easily updated by us as and when required. We also help suggest the optimum time bracket for such activities.

New addition / Features: New aspects like features or methodology or techniques can be introduced time and again and to lubricate the interface and enable more engagement and ultimately more business.

SEO updates: With search engines and social media updating their algorithms all the time, businesses have to alter SEO strategies and tactics to stay relevant and sustain visitor inflow. We update and optimize aspects from time to time to manage this.

Fault or Outage maintenance: We at 7PDM also help recover from unforeseen situations where there are faults occurring due to intervention of human or external agents (viruses and DDoS attacks).

AMC with 7PDM may include all or some of the following depending upon the agreement the business wishes to engage into.

  1. Regular maintenance (Stated in the previous segment)
  2. Website backups
  3. Email Domain backup
  4. Domain and hosting expiration management
  5. Traffic analysis
  6. Server / Hosting maintenance
  7. Other services as per agreement

General Specs

 – Website Development

CMS Based


CMS platforms used





Responsive design (all devices)


Servers used (Apache)




Yes (optional)












On Page SEO Components


Meta Tags



Keyword optimization


Text Content

Image Alt text


LSI / Long tail keywords


Structured H1, H2, H3, H4 Heading Tags


Broken links management


SEO Urls


Updated robots.txt


XML sitemaps


Html sitemaps


Image Alt Text


Optimized and minimized images


Inline CSS


Inline Js


Social Media linking


Google & Bing Search Console / Webmaster setup


Google analytic setup


Article/Blog/Vlog Management


Speed optimizations


Minimizing HTML size


Gzip compression


Time to first byte under 1 sec


Time to full page load under 3 sec


Minimizing Http requests


Flash free website


Image, JS & CSS caching


JS & CSS minification


Browser caching



Yes (on request)


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