Social Media Management

At 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM), we manage and optimize your Social Media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more for your brand to maintain its online reputation organically.

Social media management approach

at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM)

We don’t just generate engagement, as they are just a function of some basic and some advanced factors. We drive your engagements to build a reputation and gain a leadership position on how customer feedback is treated and responded back to.

We use a set of Social media tools in combination with our in-house developed content (visuals, videos and copy) to stimulate conversation from the Brand’s end. And then respond to feedback, queries and suggestions with a personal touch to prevent the brand from appearing bureaucratic. In turn we make the brand develop and appear as an extension of the customers’ life and conversations.

Social Media Management at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) is a cohesive effort to engage customers, maintain brand salience and recruit new prospects all the time.

What we do at 7PDM?

  1. Brand Page management
  2. Post Creation (Visuals, Videos & Copy)
  3. Content Management
  4. Social Citation of Brand
  5. Feedback & Reputation management
  6. Promotion management
  7. Organic Fan Acquisition

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