Social Media Advertising

Reaching your audience through Social Media Advertising is one of the key ways to build a customer base in the digital sphere.

At 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM), we develop advertising campaigns for our clients on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Your message, your way...

We at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM), customize the campaigns for our clients to yield optimum returns. Each campaign is developed based on available historic data and tuned in line with how things fare in the current scheme of things.

The Right audience for you

The campaigns target a specific demographics and interest groups in line with our clients’ business objectives. The right message, at the right time to the right people through right mediums gets your message through to enable the customer make an informed decision.

Why choose 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) for Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising - 7 peaks digital marketing

High ROI

We work with you to identify your target demographics and interest groups so you can get your message across with the best chance of success. We build campaigns suited for your needs so you get the best return on investment possible.

Digital advertising you can trust

We’re not just another digital agency. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering real-world results that you can trust. We use our expertise and years of experience in the industry to deliver the best ROI for your business objectives. Reach your target audience with us today!

Social Media Platforms on which we manage Advertising


Facebook is a social media site that has around 3 billion users. It was originally created as a social networking site, but it has evolved to include many other features such as live video streaming and online payment services.
Advertising on Facebook is now one of the most popular methods for companies to promote their products and services. There are many benefits for companies to advertise on Facebook, such as the ability to target specific audiences and measure the success of campaigns.


Advertising on Instagram is a great way to reach your desired audience. It’s also an easy way to get your product in front of millions of people. Instagram offers a variety of advertising options, including video ads, carousel ads, stories and the latest Reels. The videos can be up to 60 seconds long or they can be 15 seconds long with an option for sound.

The carousel ads are similar to the ones on Facebook and they allow you to show up to 10 images at once. The main difference is that the carousel ad won’t autoplay like it does on Facebook so it’ll be more interactive for users scrolling through their feed.

Instagram stories are short videos that disappear after 24 hours but they’re not just for personal use anymore because brands can now sponsor them. Reels are the latest innovation similar to TikTok and is slated to be the most popular way to connect with your audience.


Twitter is a social networking service that enables users to post and interact with messages, called “tweets.” Tweets are typically short text-based posts of up to 280 characters in length. Twitter’s advertising platform allows advertisers to promote their brands or products through sponsored tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.
Advertisers can use Twitter’s targeting options to display ads based on factors such as location, language, device type, gender, age range. Advertisers can also target people who are interested in certain topics or keywords by using Twitter’s advanced interest targeting options.


LinkedIn is the best place for businesses to advertise because it has a high degree of trustworthiness. It also has an audience of professionals who are specifically looking for jobs or new opportunities.

The demographics on LinkedIn are mostly made up of professionals aged 25-50 who are highly educated and have a high income level. Advertising on LinkedIn is beneficial because it will target the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share and discover visual content through collections and boards. Users can post images, videos, or text-based posts to their own boards with the aim of attracting followers and generating engagement.

Pinterest ads are designed to be visually appealing with the hope of encouraging engagement from users. It has been reported that Pinterest ads have seen an increase in click-through rates when compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It has over 1.86 billion monthly active users and over 30 thousand hours of video are uploaded every single day.

Advertising on YouTube is a great way for brands to reach their audience. YouTube ads are usually short, between 6 and 60 seconds, and they can be played before, during or after a video.

YouTube ads can be targeted to specific demographics like age group, gender, location and interests. Ads can also be targeted based on the content of the videos that your target audience might watch or search for on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Social Media Management

Social media advertising is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. It’s important to keep in mind that social media advertising can be used for many different purposes.

You can use it to drive traffic to your website, increase awareness about your brand, or even promote a product or service. And the best thing about social media advertising is that you can track everything in real time, so you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

The social media advertising process can be broken down into two parts: the creative phase and the targeting phase. The creative phase involves coming up with an advertisement that will attract people’s attention on social media. The targeting phase involves figuring out which demographics to target in order to get the best response to your ad.

In the past few years, the use of social media advertising has increased exponentially because it is an effective way for brands to reach their target audience.

The answer is YES. Social media advertising can help your business grow in many ways. It can be used to promote your brand, increase sales, and create customer loyalty.

Social Media Advertising is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals. They had a little budget but they were able to use social media advertising to make a huge impact on their business and grow exponentially! Social media advertising can be done in many different ways, such as: using Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads.

It is essential for both business forms, but in different ways. Social media is a good place for B2C businesses to post fun and lighthearted content, but B2B businesses should use it to share valuable B2B marketing content. However, social media is essential to both connecting a business and its customers.

The cost of advertising on social media is difficult to estimate. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have different pricing structures. The cost of advertising on social media depends on the type of social media platform, the number of followers or subscribers, and the duration for which you want to advertise your products or services.
It’s also worth noting that there are different types of ads, such as video ads or sponsored posts, which will have different costs depending on the platform. Social media advertising is not as expensive as it may seem. It is just a matter of knowing what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to spend.

All your Social Media properties, its credentials and content is your (The brand) property. On the unfortunate circumstance, you wish to disengage, everything will be handed over to you. We also expect the same courtesy in return 🙂