Content Development

At 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) we develop content to organically market your brand. We at 7PDM develop content for Blog posts, Articles, Images, Infographics and Video content.


Why develop Content?

We all find our answers in Google, but then, who answers google? Who answers without advertising on google? All those links organically populating the first couple of pages are a result of good quality content and others linking to those pieces of content.

Content can be a well-weaved article; yes a well-weaved one and not just a well-written one. When you are answering to a machine-based algorithm you are not invoking emotions but giving signals and leaving breadcrumbs for it to listen to you and identify if you are relevant, and in what way it becomes relevant to those queries.

What is content development?

Content can be a visual, an infographic, a video, a social media post, a written review or even a podcast. Anything that that can be seen, read or heard and directly or indirectly helps you market your brand. The idea is to drive traffic to your portal or app, increase the size of your customer base, and down the line, enable you to do more business.

The purpose of content development is to inform and initiate new customers in your target group, engage and remind existing customers and bring back lost customers.

We at 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) understand and weave content to help you achieve this over a long period of time. An ad campaign helps you build traffic in a jiffy but how to keep them coming back, without the ads? Content Marketing is the answer, and we are the answer to who will efficiently and effectively develop that content. We regard content development as an important component of digital marketing and an aspect as important as advertising on multiple platforms.

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