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On-page SEO

Optimizing websites by implementing apt SEO techniques for content and keyword optimization. Efforts include but not limited to Meta Tag Optimization, Fast page loading & search console optimizations, Alt Tag & Image Optimization, Title tags (H1, H 2 & H3) Optimization, Content Optimization for keyword optimization, Internal & external linking, Fixing broken links, Updated XML & html Sitemaps, Schema markup for relevant categories and many more.

Off-page SEO

Investing in external efforts like Local Citation & listing, Social Bookmarking, Google my business creation and management, back-linking and develop associations with relevant channels to attain page & domain rank.

Keyword tagging

Selection of the most apt, competitive and rank friendly keywords and long tail keywords for optimizing written content and Image Al tagging. Monitoring and tweaking over periods to keep pages relevant and keep on rising in ranking.

Content Hygiene

Written content of a webpage determines ranking on SERP. Hence the objective is not just keyword loading but also making it reader friendly and getting it in-sync with the customer movement on the website. This is a continuous process to keep up with rank algorithms

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7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM) approach

- Listening & studying before implementation

For new websites – SEO optimization is key to every single website we develop. We just do not build websites without these optimizations and as a policy we do not build websites that just sit & look pretty. The approach is ground up and is weaved into the construct of every website we deliver.

For existing websites – we start by understanding the existing construct; running a thorough audit internally and looking at the online presence as a result of that. We also look at the external factors influencing it positively and hurting it negatively. After collating the data we device a strategy to keep on benefitting from the existing positives and reduce the impact of aspects hurting it. In addition to this we look at the newer ways to optimize the content, tags, external links, Social citations and other many aspects to climb up on search results.

Rank higher on Google & Bing

SEO optimization involves updating websites structurally to increase its chances of online visibility for prospective customers searching the products and / or services it offers. However, it requires significant time and technical knowhow to come up with effective results in the digital sphere.

At 7 Peaks Digital Marketing (7PDM), we optimize the most apt keywords your website should target, the quality of content in line with the keywords, internal linking between different content and external incoming links to make your website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

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From just a website to Customer acquisition medium

“7 Peaks Digital Marketing’s SEO strategy is for the long haul but after few months we found organic growth of our business. We have now firmly established Digital media as one the significant contributors to new business thanks to 7 Peaks Digital Marketing’s efforts.”

Anna Movick, Trigen Group